What Will I Learn in a Medical Biller/Coder Program?

Become a Medical Office Professional with Training from Lamson

So you are interested in joining the medical profession, and you are considering a career as a medical biller/coder? Congratulations! A career as a medical biller/coder is an excellent choice for your future. The healthcare industry is growing nationwide (BLS), and as the American healthcare system continues to modernize and embrace current technologies, the need for trained medical professionals grows. With the Lamson Institute, you can train to be a medical biller/coder in as few as 9 months! If you are interested in learning more about becoming a medical biller/coder, read on to learn what you can expect from a quality, accredited training program such as the one offered at Lamson. 

Lamson has developed the  Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist program to be as flexible as possible. Lamson’s program offers an online-hybrid format, allowing students to take many of the courses online. Students can complete their online coursework on their schedule, while still having time for work or family responsibilities. Lamson’s flexible online courses offer an accredited curriculum, combined with individualized student support from professional instructors and once-monthly meetings on campus. Through this hybrid-online format, students receive personal attention and guidance from professional faculty and staff, while still benefiting from the flexible schedules they need. With Lamson, obtaining your training is now more possible than ever! 

At Lamson, the Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist program teaches students the skills they need to be successful in this growing field. Students at Lamson learn:

  • Comprehensive medical coding and billing procedures
  • Current medical software and trends in the insurance industry
  • Current procedural coding and diagnostic coding
  • How to prepare and file insurance claims and analyze benefits
  • Claims processing/collection strategies

Lamson’s program provides practical, hands-on training to prepare graduates for a variety of entry-level positions in this rewarding healthcare field. With training from Lamson, you will be prepared for entry-level medical careers as a medical biller, medical billing specialist, medical insurance specialist, medical coder, medical records clerk, hospital admitting clerk, and/or a medical administrative assistant. Graduates of Lamson’s program are prepared to obtain the Certified Professional Coder-A (CPC-A) certification from the AAPC certifying agency, professional certification that demonstrates your level of skill and knowledge. 

Lamson is an accredited member of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and Lamson’s programs meet national standards that potential employers value. Lamson’s Career Services Department provides every student with assistance in obtaining a position upon graduation, and continues to assist graduates throughout the duration of their career. The Career Service Department offers:

  • Professional development and individualized job placement advising 
  • Assistance in the preparation of effective resumes and cover letters
  • Assistance in preparation for job interviews and completing job applications
  • Contacting prospective employers
  • Career fairs and on-campus interviewing
  • Access to Lamson’s extensive network of employers in Texas

When you choose Lamson for your career training, you gain access to accredited curriculum, professional instruction, and a community of support. Our professional faculty and helpful staff have a mission to see you succeed, and at Lamson we do everything we can to help you prepare you for a career in your chosen field. If you are ready to train for a rewarding career in the growing field of administrative healthcare, call Lamson at 210-465-1794 today! With Lamson’s Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist program you can gain the skills you need to enter this rewarding field in as few as 9 months. Located in San Antonio, Texas, Lamson can train you for success as a medical biller/coder/office specialist. What are you waiting for? Train for a new career with Lamson!