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     Are you interested in entering the growing field of healthcare? Have you considered training for a career as a medical assistant? There’s never been a better time to join the medical field, and training to become a medical assistant is an excellent first step into this growing field. Becoming a nurse, a doctor, or a pharmacist takes years of schooling and can be costly, but with the Lamson Institute, in San Antonio, Texas, you can train to be a medical assistant in as few as 9 months! Take the first step towards your career in the healthcare field, with medical assistant training from Lamson. 

     Medical assistants are allied health professionals, working alongside doctors, physicians, and nurses to provide patients with the highest level of care. Medical assistants work in physicians’ offices, clinics, and sometimes even hospitals, in towns and cities all over the country. With a growing demand for healthcare services nationwide, there is steady demand for medical assistants no matter where you live. 

     Medical assistants perform many important administrative and clinical tasks in a variety of healthcare settings. Medical assistants often work in both the front of the office, handling tasks such as reception and scheduling, and in the exam rooms, taking vital signs, preparing patients and assisting in exams. Medical assistants also act as a patient coordinator by providing a means of communication between patients, doctors and other health care providers. 

Responsibilities of a medical assistant include, but are not limited to:

  • Greeting patients and answering telephone calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Updating and filing patients' medical records
  • Verifying patient information and health insurance
  • Completing and filing paperwork such as surgical permission forms, health check forms and insurance paperwork
  • Preparing the examination rooms
  • Measuring patients' vital signs
  • Administering medications and injections
  • Recording information in medical recordkeeping systems, such as the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system
  • Preparing and handling medical instruments and supplies
  • Collecting and preparing specimens of bodily fluids and tissues for laboratory testing
  • Preparing the patient for any scheduled procedures, and answering any questions they may have regarding the procedure

     The Medical Assistant program at Lamson trains students in these skills, so graduates of the program are prepared to hit the ground running in entry-level positions. Like all of Lamson’s programs, the Medical Assistant program provides hands-on, practical training, so that students may practice in real life situations, rather than learning just from textbooks. Lamson students learn to perform basic laboratory procedures, as well as how to assist physicians in medical office examinations. Lamson graduates are also prepared to work in the front office of a medical office, performing administrative duties such as record management, appointment scheduling, insurance, and medical practice management. Upon graduation, Lamson graduates are prepared to sit for the MedCA Certification, a nationally-recognized certification. 

     Once you obtain your training and certification as a medical assistant you will be prepared to enter the healthcare field and begin your medical career. Medical assisting is a career in which you will continue to learn and grow on the job, and by taking advantage of continuing education opportunities you can position yourself to progress into more advanced positions. Medical assistant training can be the perfect stepping stone towards a career as a nurse, ultrasound technician, or any other more advanced healthcare position.

     If you are ready to take the first step in your healthcare career, consider medical assistant training with Lamson! With Lamson, you can gain the hands-on training and practical skills needed for an entry-level medical assistant position. As a medical assistant you can position yourself for more advanced opportunities in the future. Take the first step towards your career in the healthcare field, with medical assistant training from Lamson.  Give Lamson a call at 210-465-1794 or contact us here to find out how you can get started today! 

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