Electrician Training

Electrician Training at Lamson

Electrician Trainee Certification

Electricians are skilled tradespeople; with Lamson you can master the skills you need to obtain your first job.

Learn the knowledge and skills to install, maintain, and repair electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems in homes, businesses, and factories.

Hands-on, practical training teaches:

  • Electrical coding
  • Wiring installation
  • Conduit bending
  • Motors and transformer systems
  • Manual and electric industrial controls

Get industry-recognized certifications that demonstrate your knowledge and skill and can help get you hired.

Lamson graduates are prepared to test for the Electrician Trainee (ET) certification


Why train to be an Electrician?

Everything we do is somehow affected by electricity and our dependency on wires and circuits is only growing. With this growing need for electricity and power comes the need for more skilled, qualified, and experienced electricians. 


What does an Electrician do?

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems in homes, businesses, and factories.


What is the job outlook for Electricians?

The electrical industry in the United States is healthy and growing, and electricians are in high demand!

  • Employment for electricians is expected to increase by 10% by 2028 (BLS).
  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Overall growth of the construction industry and the need to maintain older equipment in manufacturing plants… will require more electricians.”
  • Electricians are in demand year-round, as businesses and residences continuously need electrical installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Projected job growth of 74,000 additional electricians in the United States in coming years (BLS).

For more information about the job outlook for electricians, visit salary.com, or the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Where can an Electrician work?

Electricians work in every building, in every town and every city across the country! As an electrician, you can work anywhere you want to live. Electricians work indoors and outdoors in nearly every type of facility.


If you are ready to take the first step towards a career as an electrician, then Lamson has a tremendous training program and facility to train you for success!





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